How it works

Our exclusive rose boxes are available in different sizes and colors.

Almost every box can be equipped with your desired rose color and the desired rose design. Let your creativity run wild and create your individual desire bouquet.
Round off your gift with a fine bottle of champagne and fine chocolates.

We guarantee that your Amour Des Roses® Box will be the right place at the right time at the right time. After the arrival of your rose box you only need to find a special place for your unusual accessory or give your gift to your loved one. On request, we also send the exclusive gift directly to your desired recipient.

The rose box

Auserlesene fertige Boxen.

We offer our exclusive roses in a high-quality box available as a black or white collection. Our boxes are available in six different sizes and are perfect for every occasion as well as money bags.
The handcrafted Amour Des Roses® boxes are made of high quality materials – the matte finish gives the box a discreet finish. Thanks to the moisture-repellent coating inside the box, it is reusable for various purposes. In addition we have special shipping boxes with a ventilation function – this guarantees the freshness of the roses during transport.

Round Flower Box

Auserlesene fertige Boxen.

Is an ideal and extravagant gift to surprise your loved one in many variations.
NATURAL: fresh roses / INFINITY: genuine preserved roses
MIX (two-color mixed), ROWS (two-color), FRAME (two-color framed), LETTER (two-color with the desired letter), HEART (two-color heart), SURPRISE (surprise).

Natural roses Quantity:
Small: 9-15 roses, midi: 17-25 roses, medium: 25-40 roses, large: 35-55 roses

Infinity Roses Quantity: Mini: 1 Rose, Baby: 4-6 Roses, Small: 7-12 Rose, Midi: 12-14 Roses, Medium: 18-20 Roses, Large: 30-34 Roses


Auserlesene fertige Boxen.

The contact request

Auserlesene fertige Boxen.

For special color or design wishes please write an e-mail to

We will gladly check the availability of your request and give you a confirmation as soon as possible.

The care

Auserlesene fertige Boxen.

After the arrival of the Amour Des Roses® Box you do not have to worry about the care, because the roses do not have to be cut or irrigated. We have already taken care of the roses with flowerfood and water for you. Just enjoy the long-lasting luxury of the roses. Just choose the place of the rose box carefully: the roses are kept at a cool place in shady places, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Depending on the weather and the room temperature, you can mix the supplied flowerfood with water and pour it into the rose box.

The roses of our Infinity collection need neither water nor flowerfood due to their special treatment. Our Amour Des Roses® Box is also your vase.